• Doctors are human

    Doctors will always be better because they have the human interaction that a normal robot would not have. This will then give the patient the sense that another living being is caring for them not just a metallic inanimate object carrying for its sickness or disease that may of occurred

  • They will ALWAYS be needed!

    Yes, it is true that people lived without doctors before. That is why did not live as long as we can live today. Doctors help us get better and give us advice on how to live longer. You cannot just "guess" what is wrong with your body and try to fix it. You could end with doing more damage than good. Doctors are educated and experienced, therefore it is better to see them than to see if you can figure out what is wrong with you!

  • Yes, we will

    It is so hilarious when seeing this question. What would happen to me if I broke my leg and there was no qualified "doctor" help me to cure? Doctors are essential in our life to prevent disease, to cure injuries and to make our body be out of danger. It is no undeniable that medical sciences development is in a advanced level today. We can do almost things we want with our bodies. It means that we really need them

  • Yes, doctors are necessary when you get hurt.

    Many people say that prostitution is the world's oldest profession, but I believe doctors have to have been around longer. People will always hurt themselves by suicide or accidents, no matter how long our life spans are. We are centuries away from being able to change the development of babies in the uterus. Doctors are the one fallback in the world where you can get help when you are hurt.

  • They Will Always Be Needed

    We will always need doctors. People will always have health issues and continue to be sick. We have to have people who know how to properly deal with injuries too. Don't even get me started on surgery. Doctors will be around until the end of time. Self diagnosis can only go so far.

  • Are doctors required?

    Doctors are not required as long as they continue to support Big Pharma's drugs to the exclusion of alternate therapies that include medicinal herbs. Since medicine is taught based on drug based therapy (whereas everything else is considered quackery and ineffective), we might just as well as have a drug rep do the prescribing!

  • Advancing technology will eventually do away with doctors

    Eventually people will invent a robot or similar device that cares for humans' medical health. Granted, this may be some time in the future, but technology will advance sufficiently for doctors to be replaced by programmers and robots. The only doctors that will be necessary then will be one or two to program the robots and discover new techniques to cure the patients via robot. Robots will also be more sanitary and will be unable to catch diseases from ill patients.

  • We have survived without doctors before.

    Believe it or not, there was a time when people knew how to fix themselves. We should really be striving to teach everyone to fix their own ailments. I just feel like we are growing too dependent on the world of doctors. We go to the doctor for every little thing and some people can't seem to rough a paper cut without a stop to the doctors.

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Tbone12 says2013-02-28T02:09:34.357
Unless they develop a cure for everything (which is probably impossible) than yes doctors will be in use until the world ends.