• How else would children learn?

    We need teachers because the children need to learn. They get to do fun stuff like gym and art. If we didn't have teachers, everybody would know nothing at all. How would we expect people to learn? We would need teachers no matter what. Children need help in learning math, science and reading.Teachers help kids like us to learn.

  • We will always need the interaction.

    Sometimes, reading things or doing interactive activities doesn't make a child fully understand something, and the child might need the help of the teacher to maybe explain better, or say a child is autistic, and the interactive activities don't make sense to the child, so the child will become frustrated. Therefore, we will always need teachers.

  • Yes indeed we will always need teachers

    We will always need teachers to inject some humanity into the flow of information. Someone to relate that information to a like fellow conscious being to whom all meanings belong. Disembodied abstract meaning directed by impersonal means at a subject, would I think, be an offense to commonsense and to a humanity that is so deprived of such human contact,

  • Of course we will

    If we do not have teachers, how do we expect people to learn. We are no longer a society where passing down knowledge from family to family is enough to get things done. We need teachers to ensure that there is a future for our children and their children, for sure.

  • Yes, they are not replaceable.

    We will always need teachers, no matter how much technology continues to advance. There is no substitute for a classroom setting with a live instructor who engages students in a human way and interacts with them on their own level. A student can ask a question of a computer, but I don't believe the answers or experience are as compelling or memorable as when being taught by a human being.

  • The internet will take over teaching.

    Education will be so enhanced and efficient later that teachers will no longer be necessary. All that will be necessary is a supervisor. The internet may be our teacher. I use the internet as my teacher right now. I have learned many writing and reading tips from this source that I haven't learned from my teacher. Eventually they will be unnecessary.

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Anonymous says2013-02-28T21:00:20.623
sometimes there really mean and now we got online schools!!!