Will we be able to effectively educate and change the priorities of inner-city youth in coming decades?

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  • They have to do it themselves

    The only person whose priorities you can change is your own. You can at most try to appeal to other people to change their own priorities. So this really is all on them. Being poor sucks but quit making excuses. You have access to public education and I'm sure there is a library in your area if you truly can't afford to have the internet. You have the opportunities available so use them. If you have a crappy school and crappy teachers go out of your way and educate yourself. It is not impossible. And you then you will be better than most students because most students even the ones who succeed just passively sit in class and only learn what they need for class. To succeed in the low-class environment you must actually learn to love learning and get deep into it. Maybe you keep putting it off. So it's probably that you have too many attachments that are hogging up your time. Why do you consider the things you call "fun" to be fun? Ask yourself that and seriously answer it, seriously try to make some educated guesses about your contingencies and influences and aside from that size up your activities going into your future according to how much time they are taking up and remove those which are just "clutter" to make room for you to reorient your life towards the fulfillment of greatness. If at all possible analyze the fine details of what makes you feel in different ways and use that knowledge then to direct your recreation so that it has a stimulatory effect on your studies including for the studies themselves to become your favored form of recreation if it's possible.

    It can be done, you are not helpless. Do it!

  • Nope. There will always be intellectually challenged people out there.

    Of course I'm not saying all inner city / poor youths are mentally unsound, but my point stands: idiots will be idiots (am I allowed to say that? I'm not directly insulting anyone..) I mean honestly.. The number of compete borderline r*****s (this is a medical term, please don't infract me. Plus I censored it for you.) out there is simply astounding.

  • I honestly have no idea

    I think one of the only ways to do this is to try to teach critical thinking and have children question the priorities and life choices of their peers and role models. If children can question the lifestyles of musicians, actors, TV personalities, etc., then that would be a step in the right direction and towards their own interests and priorities. This has got to be the most difficult question for our future. The national debt will be a pain and other political issues, blah blah blah. But what good is carrying on when the priorities of our youth are so skewed?

  • Lack of Intelligence.

    I am a high school student and just looking down to see some of the middle school students that will be coming to the high school next year is just astonishing. About 85% of them are just extremely stupid. I've seen them say and do things that would make even Darwin go "Mmhhhmmm. Come with me. Stand here please." *Announcing* "This, is the peak of man. Its all downhill from here."

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