Will we continue as a human race if we all agreed with the gays and everyone became gay?

Asked by: lilmama8771
  • Of course we won't continue as a human race.

    Will we continue as a human race if we all agreed with the gays and everyone became gay? No. If we all became homosexual it is obvious the human race would become extinct; if we did not implement some kind of birth control that is.

    But its a silly question. Just because we agree with homosexuals we do not automatically become gay and stop having children. Its ludicrous to assume that. The Roman Empire, which was the foundation of Europe which in turn was the foundation of America, openly accepted homosexuals. Many of the Roman Emperor's were homosexual. Emperor Hadrian, who famously built Hadrian's Wall, had a homosexual lover. After his homosexual lover Antinous drowned in the Nile he named a city in his honour and made him a God. After that he married a women named Sabina who he had no children with. So if the people of Ancient Rome agreed to have the leader of one of the most powerful nations of the Ancient world be homosexual back then and were still here today it gives your question a answer.

    If we agreed with the gays everyone would certainly not become gay and society would continue as normal.

  • Gays can reproduce!!!

    Yes, because gay people have children. Gay people do prefer the same gender, however how many "lesbians" do we see walking around with biological children? Being gay does not mean that reproductive sex will end. Also, we have artificial insemination and we've already cloned sheep. And do pre op transgenders fall under your gay label? If a person with male organs walks around with a skirt and early hormone injections, she can probably get a transmale pregnant.

  • We are all sexual beings

    What is your sexual desire? As people we have a sex drive. Some people just want to be sexually satisfied by anybody or anything.
    Some people need only themselves. Some people want a Female partner and Some want a Male partner.
    Who are we to judge what another desires when it comes to self satisfaction of ones sex drive. Do we say it is wrong if your not as I am. I propose that we are all Bisexual at first and become mono sexual, being Gay or Hetero or even A-sexual.
    If a person enjoys their sexual preference, what ever it is, they may have to understand others don't.
    Just because a Hetero couple can make babies does not mean that is the only sexual chose a person can enjoy.
    Sexual pleasure is just that, pleasure. Now let me enjoy myself!

    Posted by: TAF
  • Why do people pretend artificial insemination doesn't exist?

    The correct answer for anyone who doesn't live in a cave is "yes". Have you guys never heard of artificial insemination? Everyone could become gay and we'd just use artificial insemination and then we'd survive. Furthermore even without artificial insemination there's nothing to stop gay people from having straight sex just for the sake of having babies even if they don't enjoy the sex.

  • How can we continue as a race if we are all gay?

    If we all agree that its okay to be gay and we all became gay; how will we continue as a human race? Where would the children come from since same sex couples can't reproduce? When the last man and woman child of natural birth dies, where will the next generation come from?

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TrustmeImlying says2014-02-26T22:38:52.770
Is this serious? I hope it's not...

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