• yes we will

    Yes, I think that one day with some really good programs in place we will be able to take our debt and turn the debt numbers into a positive number, it is just going to take a whole lot of work and a lot of good things from the government.

  • No, probably not

    And, in my opinion, paying off the national debt is a bit of a ridiculous idea. Surpluses aren't always the best thing. Sometimes, in the case with debts and deficits, it shows that at least the government is investing its revenue into the country and people they are representative of

  • No, the national debt is too large to pay off.

    The United States has more national debt than any other country, but all countries have external debt. It is more likely that the United States will continue to negotiate with other countries based on past and future promises. Money only has value within a system, and international governments seem to have a system of 'trade' that is more contingent on alliances than the paying of debts.

  • No, not in the foreseeable future.

    We will not be able to pay off the national debt because it is simply to large to be able to pay off. It is hard enough to dig a hole that deep, and to get out of it is a whole new story and yet another issue at the government's hands.

  • No, we will not be able to

    Its just not going to happen. I think we have finally seen the end of America as we know it. I am pretty sure in my life time, which is still got a good 40 years left, I'm going to see this once great nation collapse. The debt is just too much and we are doing nothing to fix it. Troops need to come home,defense budget needs to be cut and social programs needs to be fixed.

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