• When Jesus returns...

    Why can't everyone in the world be like me. It would be a much better more peaceful nicer place to live. No terrorism, no wars, no nuclear weapons, no drugs, no smoking and helping the poor people out in the poorer countries. There really is so many evil people in this world and the anger it gives more I can't describe.

  • Fear is a state of mind...

    We cannot allow ourselves to submit to a mental state of fear given circumstances that we cannot control. The worst threat would be to succumb to fear and become paralyzed in worrying about safety. Good judgement and faith in our law enforcement community to stay one step ahead is our best course of action in a world where we cannot control anyone but ourselves.

  • Safe is the Space Between

    In whatever horrendous moment the US or other country experiences the attack, it remains but a moment not that different from another moment. How folks live their lives with integrity before and after that moment is were safety is found. Whether you drop an egg on the kitchen floor or hear that you have a degenerative eye disease, the moment before and the moment after are forever separated by the incident, but the incident is not one's life. A life lived with integrity is a safe life both before and after, so why give one moment more power than already has by living in fear of terrorism.

  • Its physically impossible, it will never happen!

    For terrorism to cease to exist EVERY single human on earth would need to get on. That isn't possible, that like asking a school full of 8 year old children to get along with out a single argument, or conflict.

    The world has already gone too far in the maze that is global terrorism. 9/11, the London bombings as well as other attacks have caused the US, UK and indeed NATO to try to counteract terrorism by the ousting of leaders, major guerrilla wars in the middle east and decade long multi trillion dollar conflicts.

    While human beings are able to feel hatred, jealously and any negative feeling for that matter, terrorism will still be around. The US hasn't helped matters as without the US lead removal of Iraqi forces from Quait and the US presence in Saudi Arabia, the catastrophe that was 9/11 would never of happened. As we all know the September 11 attacks in New York in 2001, lead to the US invasion of Afghanistan in an attempt to oust the Taliban from power. The 2003 invasion of Iraq removed the reliability stable government from power and then allowed Al - Qaeda and ISIS to rise up and cause the US to be involved in a 11 year long war that has only lead to the Disaster that Iraq is know.

    In conclusion, the world will never be free from terrorism, governments and terrorists alike have done two much for either side to back down. Governments will continue to fight and kill terrorists and vice versa

  • Never will be possible

    As long as humans are still capable of fear,jealousy,guilt we will still have wars and terrorism. There is nothing that we can do about it. All of us humans can't change. But that is nothing to worry about, live your life and don't think about terrorism and enjoy your life!

  • No, but it doesn't mean we're doomed

    Terrorists are not a military. They don't belong to any one nation. And so, unlike a normal military, no government can control them, deploy them, or tell them what to do. You can't track full-size act alone, most dress and act like normal people. So no, we will never beat the terrorists. As long as people fight, there will be terrorists. But think back to some of the terror attacks- there was 9/11, which was by far the worst. There was the Boston Marathon Bombing. There were some bombings in Britain. Most of these terrorists are one person with makeshift weapons, attacking areas like subways or buses. 9/11 was the most planned out and complex terrorist attack on the US, and even Osama bin Laden didn't expect the Twin Towers to completely collapse- that was a fluke. So while we won't ever really be safe from terrorists, I highly doubt anything nearly as devastating as 9/11 will happen again.

  • No, probably not.

    We are human beings. We get our egos involved, as people and as countries, and we go to war to inflict whatever harm we can on somebody else. Everyone does not do that, but it takes a level of evolution to stop. As long as we have greed and the unevolved minds, terrorism is going to happen.

  • The War on Terror

    This world we live in will NEVER be safe from terror. We can live on our on soil without the the fear of anything but a fire or a car accident. In other countries people starve or die everyday. Terror is like bullying. There is really no cure its like cancer.
    It will not end we can try and try to stop it.

  • The systematic use of terror as a means of coercion. Coercion: to restrain or dominate by force,to compel to an act,to achieve by force or threat.

    The idea that one is safe from terrorism is to ignore the fact that you were fine and safe up to the moment you asked the question.In other words, that is the very core foundation of what terror or terrorism....Is.As a way to give example. Imagine coming home and finding your place ransacked. All your personal belongings rifled through, pictures of loved ones shattered on the ground. Realizing that not only had someone entered your private home and made their way through your belongings, but also the idea that they could do so again.This is a type of terror.So then, after the police have come and taken your statement and notified you that there is a small chance of ever finding the culprit, you call the local security company.They come in their big white vans, and after a day of drills, cables and wires, a brief tutorial on how to set and arm your new alarm, they leave.After letting out a sigh, you pour yourself a cup of coffee, and as you head into the living room, you crack a smile, knowing that the doors have been barred, the walkways are surveyed, and all the entries are secure.You sit down in your comfy chair and reflect on the turmoil of what has happened. Setting down the coffee cup, you find solace in the knowledge that you are now safe.....With a smile, you look out the big bay window.Which, of course, you didn't have bars put on....That would block your view.
    The point is this. Are there things in this world that we wish were not? Yep!But when you are told that things are getting worse and then you respond in kind with actions that are just as fanatical as the threat was in the first place. You tell me........Which causes more terror......The original act.......Or the FEAR of it and more.Thank You

  • The world has been around for a long time and no one has ever escaped terrorism.

    It is difficult to bring the Bible up as a reliable source, however one thing everyone is positive about it, is that it has been around for a long time. Even that long ago people were suffering through the violent acts of terrorism. One example would be the Zealots fighting against the Roman government and they would fight in public place most likely hurting innocent people. During Aristotle's time is was essentially acceptable to "fight dirty" and this would also kill many people. The French revolution and really any type of revolution gives way to a sort of terrorism. People will go through extensive lengths to get the outcome they desire, and sometimes if their plans involve terrorism they will act upon it.


  • Not a chance

    We are a damaged species with severely opposing cultures and conflicting values that are rarely in benefit of our core needs.
    Then consider the silliness of religious conflicts, "crusades" and "jihads"... We are simply doomed to eventual failure without a massive intervening event. (Take your pick)

    We're also getting dumber and dumber with each new phase of technology.
    So many of us who should have already expired due to disease, emotional, and accidental reasons remain alive and able to further muddy up the gene pool thanks to medical, pharmaceutical and safety advancements.

  • We will never be safe from terrorism.

    As long as we have technology, money and power, we will always be in danger of terrorism. If we were to zip back to the time before computers, phones, automobiles, and planes, then maybe it would be difficult to attack, but we can't turn back time. We will always have a country that wants to over power us. The shameful part is that America is a melting pot. We house all types of people.

  • I don't think so.

    No, I do not think that we will ever be completely safe from terrorism. I think that terrorism will always exist. Terrorists are a very small percentage of the world's population, but they exist and I believe they will continue to exist. And as long as they're here, we'll never be completely safe from terrorism.

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