Will we ever have another President as great as Donald Trump?

Asked by: FormerLeftist
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  • I highly doubt so.

    The four years under Trump was the best four years America has ever seen in the history of this Nation. Trump lowered our taxes, Secured our border, Defeated isis, Ended the forever wars, Stood up against the fake news media, Ended political correctness, Ended government overregulation, Stopped America from being screwed by "trade deals, " spoke up against china while the rest of the world was too afraid to, Brought stability to the korean peninsula, Brought stability between Israel and the middle east, Allowed American manufacturing to make a comeback, Brought record employment, Expanded GOP support among ethnic minorities, Appointed conservative originalists into the judiciary, Protected the rights of the unborn, Protected religious freedom and 1st amendment rights, Protected 2nd amendment rights, Lowered the cost of healthcare and medication, Effectively dealt with covid, Lowered the cost of energy and made America an energy exporter. These were all just done in the last four years, He accomplished much more for America than all of the previous Presidents since Reagan combined. No wonder he angered the democrats so much that they had to illegally steal the election from him. Trump was just doing too well for us and the America-haters cannot have that.

    The only way we can ever hope to see such prosperity again is if (and when) Trump comes back to power. A majority of Americans prefer Trump over joementia and the arizona audit will lead to a massive recount of the 2020 election in other states and it will be discovered that Trump actually won by a wide margin. So he will be reinstated President and the illegitimate democrats will be thrown in jail.

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