Will We Ever Travel the Cosmos in the Near Future?

Asked by: Tyler5362
  • Possibly, in the future

    The warp drive is being researched and is in the stage of speculation. However it is edging into the facets of SCIENCE! This is good news for our species. We will, probably, see this within a little over 100 years, according to some scientists. I cannot wait to see if it is ABSOLUTELY possible.


  • It Takes Time

    The cosmos are far, indeed. I think its possible to visit the cosmos. The only problem is: time. We can get around that. This goal is something that might hundreds of years or even thousands of years. Besides, waiting to visit the cosmos is worth the wait on visiting. Brb

  • Interstellar distances are far too large.

    As awesome as interstellar (or even intergalactic) travel would be, what many people don't understand is the sheer distance between celestial objects.

    Say we can travel at the speed of light (we're nowhere even close). All right, we will now travel to the nearest star. Great, only a 4 YEAR journey! To reach the star with the most easily habitable planet, we would need to travel for half a MILLENIUM at the speed of light. Not too efficient.

    We would also need to discover how to survive collisions with interstellar objects at superphotonic speeds, which is an entirely different problem.

    Lastly, we don't understand how to navigate around our own solar system completely, so interstellar travel is next to impossible. We have no clue where stars really even are, as the light from these stars bends and twists on its way to earth. With stars of a distance of 500 light years, we only know the location of these said stars to a distance of approximately 50 light years (~3 x 10^14 miles).

    NASA's scientists don't take warp-drive science research as their top priority, so things like the Alcumbierre (did I spell it right?) Drive won't be available for use for centuries.

    Unfortunately, interstellar travel is unlikely.

  • No. Not very likley

    Although man from horse and buggy to the moon in 70 (approx) years the sheer distance between things, the nearest habitable planet being 500 light years away, the fact that we may create a black hole with warp drive and you cant predict without adding a human factor!

    Global warming, overpopulation, financial collapse, and the possibility of WW3 is likely to put interstellar travel in the trunk (not even the back seat) of the car. Although miracles DO happen (i.E. Aliens discover us and give us their warp-drive technology) they are so rare it is foolish to rely on them.

    I hate to say this as much as anyone else but it will be a long time before the human race begins to resemble star trek

  • It's a fun dream.

    We exist and one day we will not exist. There is no stopping humans from being wiped from the history of the universe. It is unfortunate that we have no purpose and that at some point it will be as if we never even existed, so why not keep trying. Let's see how far we can get and how much we can understand because the more we understand the better existence gets. Lets pretend we can travel the cosmos even though it will never happen.

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