Will we find life in the stars or in another dimension?

Asked by: sophiamayb
  • There will be life

    I'm pretty sure that there are other life forms out there in the universe. The chances of life on Earth were one in a billion. Yet, there is life on Earth. For chances even more unlikely than winning the lottery to happen, shows that the chances of life in other stars or dimensions is very possible.

  • I think its pretty clear

    That humans will eventually find life, strictly because of the size of the current universe. The odds that earth is the only planet to hold life, in an infinite universe, is microscopic. Are humans the most advanced? Maybe. Maybe not. We don´t know. All we do know, is that there is life, no matter how small, in the universe.

  • Yes we will

    I think the Earth is suffering what human beings are doing. Trees are cut down dramatically, so many cars release their waste emission to the air. Another better places for people are needed in the future. Moreover, if a country like the US or Russia seek any planet that we can live on, that country would be ahead, dominant and beyond other developed countries. It is the way a country prove they have the best scientific and technical research in space

  • The Universe is Constantly Expanding

    I do agree that the probability of life in another star system or galaxy is very likely, but the odds of actually getting a vehicle across light years is impossible at the very moment. This is because nothing can travel at the speed of light except light, and the closet planet that can theoretically support life is twenty-two light years away. I negate the resolution that we'll never get to see alien life.

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