• May be one day.

    Humans definitely need some level of sleep to be able to function properly in all the essential areas. The breaks people have from full consciousness through sleep are essential in supporting the body and mind in restoring energy to an adequate level. The day has not come where humans can manage without sleep however thankfully it is self regulated in practically all humans so they get adequate levels no matter what. However when science is advanced enough to find substitutes to enable your body to get the breaks and rest it needs there may not be a necessity for sleep any more. However will the alternatives rejuvenate your body and mind as well as sleep can? Sleep is something that optimizes your health so people should try to get as much as they can to get a better standard of living.

  • Sure it has a function now but we may be able to transcend that in time

    At some point we'll know exactly why it is we need sleep and then if there are other things that can fill that role that are more efficient and effective we'll get rid of sleep. That's evolution, something new comes along and replaces an old function and it's no longer needed.

  • Humans will never be able to efficiently function without sleep.

    Even though we haven't exactly figured it out yet, sleep obviously has some evolutionary advantage. The process of Darwinism would have completely eradicated any need or dependence on sleep if it was truly unnecessary. While we know that it is essentially a re-energizing period, it is still a very mysterious process. However, until we find a definite and obviously necessary reason for sleep, other scientists will continue to research ways to get around it.

  • I hope not!

    As long as we remain human, we will not be able to live without sleep. In fact, we are living without the necessary amount of sleep now, as Americans, and this can be evidenced in all areas of life such as scholastic, work performance, and depression and stress. We will always need sleep in order to rejuvenate physiologically and mentally.

  • No, we wont be able to live without sleep.

    Like any electronic device, our body and brain need to power down. We have to have a chance to rest ourselves and recuperate in order to function correctly. Sleep is a time to heal or to get better. Doctors say sleep is the best medicine. I think if we were without sleep, we would be no better than a zombie.

  • Our bodies won't take it

    I believe that this will always be impossible. Our bodies just won't be able to take it. Sure they may be able to one day come up with the technology to make it almost possible. But in the end, we will crash. We need sleep to re-energize, to rest our brain and body. The thought of this is just sickening. To want to harm your body this way should not be thought about.

  • That may not happen

    Our body is a machine and if we dont give it a break or a rest than we wont function correctly. As we all know that a lack of sleep can make us grumpy and lazy but, i can cause alot more. Yes, us humans will be able to accomplish much more in those 9 hours or less that we are using for rest but it isnt healthy to miss those hours. A lack of sleep can lead to many diseases and even obesity. In those hours of sleep we bump up production of the hunger hormone ghrelin and that limits our crave for food throughout the day. Yes, technolagy has been sky rocketing lately but science has never affected the laws of nature before so why would it start now.

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