• It would fit their marketing

    With Valve planning to release their Steam Box this year, I imagine they will finally unveil HL3 along with it. It would be a MASSIVE launch title for the console, but I'm sure it won't be exclusive to the console. Maybe we can finally figure out what happens to Alyx and Gordon this year.

  • I hope not

    Leave hardcore gaming to the good games. HL2 was an utter disappointment. Games like CoD and Battlefield hold the stage. Not only do I anticipate HL3 being a failure, but I predict that the Steambox as a console will fail as well. Lets face it. Valve has been producing cheap "last for a week" games (the only exception being L4D2). The Steambox lacks a disc drive, but the hard drive is no bigger than the Xbox One's to compensate. It even looks like a VCR from the 60's. Leave FPS to the pros like CoD and BF.

  • We'll never see it.

    And I feel like I'm the only one who's okay with it. Let's face the facts here, Half-Life 3 has been hyped up and anticipated and speculated on so much, it's essentially what Duke Nukem Forever was. Like DNF, we got a game that everyone was pumped for, but not only failed to live up to the hype, but was terrible as well. Half Life 3 has had the plot speculated on, fan fiction written about it. Hell, it's even had fake mini-series based around what it MIGHT be about. But if it does come out, no matter how good of a game it may be, it'll utterly disappoint and will never live up to the hype.

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