Will we someday reprogram our brains so we can just say to ourselves "stress off" and it happens?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • I certainly hope so

    I hate being stressed especially when you're stressed realize there's no point in being stressed that it won't help you and realizing this doesn't just make it go away. It's annoying and makes you angry at your self except not your whole self just stress and emotions and leads to an antagonistic relationship with your self like your frontal lobe just wants to pulverize your amygdala!

    Hopefully someday we can figure out how to program our brains so we can simply say to ourselves in our heads "stress off" and it's off.

  • Sorry to say this, but I don't think this will happen.

    I don't think there is any possible way to "manufacture" a brain that allows you to literally control your emotions and thoughts like a switch. There are just far too many characteristics that scientists would need to consider in order to properly manufacture a working brain, such as mood swings, emotions, and the extremely hard task of somehow programming thoughts into a piece of technology. Basically, I believe we cannot program a brain to say "stress off" whenever you feel like it, despite out vast amount of technology provided to us, simply because there are way too many factors that we need to program in a brain in order for it to actually work. We can't have JUST a "stress off" button. Besides, isn't there a GOOD type of stress called "positive stress", and isn't stress supposed to make you more adaptable to unfamiliar situations in the first place?

  • Stress is a part of life

    I just don't see it happening because stress is a naturally produced byproduct of life. We have stress factors that occur not only when we're alert but when we sleep. If it weren't for stress we'd be a big tub of goo and even in goo there is stress involved.

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