• Windows 10 will be the best operating system ever.

    Windows 8 was good, and 8.1 was better, but windows 10 will be amazing. Every successive operating system is better than the last. Windows 8 was a bit hard to deal with at first, at least on laptops, since it was designed for a mobile device. Windows 10 will have fixed all those problems.

  • Bye to Windows 8!

    Yes Windows 10 will be better than Windows 8 for many reasons! The most important reason for me being that it allows you to choose your display. The difference between Windows 7 to Windows 8 was too much. I still have a hard time navigating it. To make it worse, new laptops now come with Windows 8 installed. Having Windows 10 will definitely be better. It's easier access and easier understanding.

  • Windows 10 sucks!!!

    Windows 10 always has glitches, and it has the worst menu screen of all. Also, Windows 10's menu screen always glitches, and whenever I exit an application, it glitches and also opens unnecessarily. I feel like Windows 10 is the worst of all Windows, even though people say it is better than 8 and 8.1. I disagree completely.

  • not at all

    I barely even like windows 8, so windows 10 could either be a big catastrophe or hopefully a debugged and more upgraded and advanced version of windows 8. I got excited for windows 8 but I ended up disappointed, I am hoping they took into consideration what their users were saying.

  • No, I don't think it will be better.

    No, I do not think that Window's 10 will be better then window's 8. I already am not too fond of Window's 8 to begin with so I hope they either make 10 look more like 7 which is the one that I really like or I hope they come out with a new design altogether.

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