• Of course it will

    Windows 9 will succeed just like Windows 8 succeeded despite its rubbish design. Why? Because it doesn't have any real competition. Microsoft probably spends more time sabatoging its competitors than making Windows better. Not to mention Microsoft's cozy relationship with the u.s. government, and forcing computer manufacturers to sell their computers with Windows.

  • Yes Windows 9 will be a commercial success for Microsoft.

    Microsoft's Windows 9 operating system (OS) will be a commercial success because it will fill hole is the current Windows 8.1 OS and it will take advantage hardware and memory profiles that were not available at the time Window 8 was developed. It's also going to be the most user friendly OS that Microsoft has ever release.

  • Yes, Windows 9 will be a success

    Based on previous versions on Windows, every other operating system they produce is great and the other ones in between tend to be sub standard. Based on this Windows 9 will be another great operating system as long as they bring back the start menu which is a much loved part of Windows

  • They improve on each other.

    Even though Windows always seems to have a number of bugs (does anyone remember Windows Vista?), Windows 9 will be a success because it is the most popular operating system. It will win based on brand alone. I am more of a fan of Ubuntu and I think it would catch on if it were mainstreamed in computer sales.

  • Windows 9 will succeed.

    Windows 9 will succeed. This is because Windows is a familiar name across the board in the USA. People trust Windows, even with its problems. It has proven to be better than other systems and more user-friendly. There is a reason Windows 9 is so popular. It isn't going anywhere.

  • The question is dumb

    Windows 9 does not exist and will not exist so this question is just stupid. Now it's saying I need to write more so I'm just going to put spaces in between the words so that I can post this comment I I I I I I I I I

  • Hello we forgetting about Windows 8

    Microsoft couldn't even get widows 8 to work properly and widows 8.1 only got worse, what makes you guys think that Microsoft can get windows 9 right? Plus windows 9 would be based of of the failure of windows 8, maybe Microsoft is just on a down slope. Don't get me wrong I love Microsoft, I have an xbox360 but they are like Nintendo right now they need to pick themselves up.

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