Will women and minorities determine the 2012 Presidential election?

  • Yes

    The current president, a minority, has sent a resounding chord throughout the women and minorities of this country. Somehow they perceive that he has provided them with freedoms and opportunities that previous presidents have not. I do not believe that he has, but the veil has been pulled over their collective eyes and they only see this distorted vision. They will determine the 2012 election.

  • Yes. It's Not Longer an (Angry White) Man's World

    No matter how much money presidential candidates and super PACS toss into the campaign coiffures. All of t is for naught if that don't reach the hearts and minds of the combined minority (Asian, Latinos, and Blacks) that now stands as majority a long with woman. Even the Republican party knows this. One lamented that there weren't enough angry white men to propel their party. So in 2012 and beyond minorities and women will cast critical votes in national elections.

  • Yes, women and minorities combined are the majority of voters.

    For decades, the number of female voters has significantly outweighed the number of male voters. The two most recent Presidential elections have seen a large increase in minorities voters. In many ways, President Obama running for office inspired a large number of non-voters to take notice of politics. It is somewhat ironic that in a nation where white males make up the majority of political leaders, the fate of the election is largely in the hands of women and minorities.

  • Yes, women and minorities are key demographics in 2012

    I believe that women and minorities will make a huge impact in the 2012 Presidential election. I think that women will turn out in large numbers to primarily support President Obama, since Romney and other Republican leaders have made outlandish comments about women's reproductive rights. Minorities will also turn out in large numbers to back Obama, whose policies are better suited to help people from underprivileged backgrounds.

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