Will world peace be achieved in the 21st Century?

Asked by: Tophatdoc
  • All depends on you

    We can all make world peace happen only if we all truly want it. There are some really nasty people in this world who will always try to fill the world with evil. Just be loving and spread love and it will come one day. The leaders of the world try so hard but they are blinded by certain obstacles such as money, greed, control/power. They all need to start working as one and fill the world with peace. No more wars.

  • It can be

    World peace can happen if all of us ALL OF US want it. Only we can make it happen. The governments say they want it but if they all really wanted it we would all work together to archive it. Just spread love and peace to everyone you meet and it will happen.

  • It is a possibility

    Interdependence between global powers has slowed down wars dramatically. Europe and North America have seen a decline in the amount of wars fought on their soil. The countries are interdependent with their neighbors. This soon might be the case for third world countries within the next half century. In the future there may not be any wars if we want to end the greatest problems facing the world like Climate Change.

  • World peacebid necessary

    War is beneficial to the winning group, they gain international recognition as a superior fighting body and whatever reward or reparation they are given. War has been throughout history a sign if strength and it truly defines a country. Would the middle east be receiving the kind of coverage and focus they are right now without war? Maybe humans are meant to fight

  • Limited Resources, Unlimited Population Growth

    The nature of the conflict may change as all out war may prove unpractical, but we will have conflict (and thus no world peace). As long as there is a disparity between resources and technological development there will be conflict. Even if nations agreed to share resources and technology with their neighbors at some point in history there will not be enough to go around, and someone will have to decide who doesn't receive the resources needed. There will always be differing opinions on how best to use the resources, and it will be a hard sell to convince individuals that their survival is not in the best interest of the greater good. We have the ability to regulate population growth but we are fighting a strong inherit desire to reproduce, we are fighting natural instincts. There will be people or groups of people who will not agree with self regulation and once again, it will be a hard sell to convince individuals that their natural, biological instinct are not in the best interest of the greater good. Conflict is inevitable

  • Technology Brings Destruction

    We are experiencing a boom in technological development unprecedented throughout all of history. While technology can be used peacefully, it is inherently discovered by some before others, and recently China and Russia have been finding technology. If violent nations with scarce resources develop advanced military technology (like Chinese laser cannons or Russian spy satellites), they can and will conquer their neighbors and eventually trigger global conflicts. The only chance that humanity will ever have of peace will come from all but one of the three global spheres of influence (America, Russia, China) being annihilated.

  • We are too stupid to find peace.

    The world is at fault with its countless wars and battles between world domination or weaponry.Etc
    If we are asking this question now then we must be stupid, world peace could have been achieved a long time. I am not saying that we haven't tried but let's look at the facts, after watching the constant headlines based on Afghanistan and Iraq or Syria, the desirable answer to that question will not be found if we continue being ignorant and greedy. We don't need the spoils of war, we already have it as a nation.

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