• It's a possibility that a Third World War will break out in the coming decades.

    It seems that this war will be started by smaller say rogue nations or organizations such as North Korea, Iran, or perhaps even ISIS. I truly believe that if another war is to begin, let's pray it doesn't, then it will mostly take place in none other than the Middle East. The Middle East is rightfully called a ticking time bomb for a reason. I mean we have ISIS causing havoc and beheading innocent people, we have Israel surrounded by countries who want to burn her, and we've got Iran ready to drop a nuke some time in the near future. Let's pray that we can calm this region down. Thank you and God bless.

  • It definitely will

    I, and probably everyone else, hopes it won't. But, war is, as always, inevitable. Take a look at all terrorist attacks happening lately. If ISIS gets their hands on a powerful weapon, there is no doubt they'll use it.
    Things are also heating up with NK. If they do have nuclear weapons, they could fire them whenever they want, declaring war.

    We humans are really weird. We fight wars for what? It's just a loss of precious lives. But yet, we just can't do without wars. Which is probably the saddest part..

  • Maybe not in 20 years but definitely by 2050

    The main cause will be because of resources and control over them. The Middle East will be in the middle of it all because of the amount of fossil fuels in the ground over there. The main countries to be involved will most likely be the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, possibly Germany, and maybe Korea.

  • This isn't a 100% yes, but I'll explain...

    I'm well aware that we are in some of the most peaceful times in Human history. Most, if not all, conflicts occurring right now are internal affairs such as the rise of ISIS or civil war in the Congo. However, I don't necessarily think that some sort of human transcendence of violence is the cause for this. I think fear is the cause of this. Nuclear weapons, while horrible weapons, are also the greatest deterrents of war ever. However, Noble said the same thing when he invented dynamite. He claimed the explosive would end war.

    If you asked me this question even a week ago, I would have said that perhaps another cold war would occur, but there was no chance of a shooting war. Now, however, Greece's potential collapse throws a very, very strange question into the mix.

    That question is that of the fall of the EU. Even with all the tensions in the South China Sea, the protests in Turkey about China, the fights on India's border with China, and the Chinese Palestinian alliance, I would contend that China or any Asian conflict will not be the starting point of a third world war. However, I would say that the CCP, not necessarily the Chinese people, but their government, would join a war if it were to break out. With that in mind, I look back at Europe, which, with Asia out of the picture, has to be the starting point of a third world war.

    The potential collapse of Greece could really splinter the EU if Greece decides to leave the Euro and goes back to the Drachma. The EU is generally unpopular in England, and they still don't operate on the Euro, so England could very well leave after that. The important part is that a divided Europe, or, really, an original Europe, would place the world in a situation where Western Europe is in shambles, and Russia may want to take advantage of that, perhaps with the assistance of China.

    I feel like I'm starting to ramble a little here, so I'll just sum it up. I didn't think that a shooting war was particularly likely in the next few decades before Greece voted to reject the referendum. Now, I think the chances of WWIII are much higher. That's not to say that it will happen, but the significant increase in chance is why I voted yes.

    I certainly hope it doesn't.

  • Much much sooner

    WW3 will begin on 17 July 2018 following the economic collapse of the European Union. [censored to prevent time bubble] will take advantage of the ensuing chaos and take over the governments. The US govt, now fully controlled by multinational corporations, will order through presidential authority the invasion of {censored to prevent time bubble] and ....SIGNAL LOST

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