• Sooner than Later

    It's been 70 years since a world war. This era of peace has been great, but deep down, we all know it can not possibly last forever. At some point, nations that stand for freedom and prosperity, like the United States, are going to go up against nations that represent evil and oppression, like North Korea.

  • Maybe not something on the scale of WWII, but a large scale war, yes.

    Considering the politicians the US has up for election (who are likely to win), I don't foresee much of a change in the US's aggressive foreign policy. With that said, it will not all be the US's fault. The Migrant Crisis in Europe will cause a lot of unneeded distress in that area of the world, a slowing global economy (mostly due to China's growing pains) or perhaps even a collapse will set the stage economically, continued tensions between Syria and NATO/US/EU and continued tensions between Russia/NATO are the beginnings of multiple fronts, continued tensions between Japan (with its remilitarization) and China (over its claims to the South China Sea) will serve as yet another theatre, low oil prices will get Saudi Arabia angry, etc., etc.

    Could be totally wrong, of course. I'm more just curious of other people's opinions! :)

  • Realist not Idealist

    Look at the world right now. Even though we have nuclear weapons, and so called "Nuclear Peace" it cannot last forever and I believe will not last much longer. I personally believe that if there is a world war in the next few years, either a terrorist group, North Korea, or America even will start it, directly or inadvertently. This can't really be precise, but I do believe that it could start soon. You have to take a realist view over an idealist. The chance are high. If we have another world war, odds are nuclear weapons will be used and the Earth will be destroyed. We can hope that it will not happen, but I personally doubt the odds.

  • Absolutely, it will

    First war will start. I don't know who will start it, but it will be just like WW1. The countries that start it will not be the only ones fighting it. Probably not even the majority of the fighters will be from the starting countries. Anyway, someone will "win" but be so devastated by the war they can't keep their country in a stable state. Disease will break out, killing millions, more wars will start over the little resources left on the wasteland(not nuclear) that is the ruble of the world we all know today. In a few thousand years it will repeat.

  • Yes, it will happen.

    China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, ISIS, Venezuela, they are all out to get us. Before WW2 started Nazi submarines would sink allied ships. Now this battle and precursor to WW3 is fought using the internet, and other cyber weapons. Look around you. Chinese aggression in the South China sea, Russian aggression in the Baltics, Iranian and Saudi Arabian aggression in the middle east. Saudi Arabia's will go bankrupt in 5 years. The right will continue to rise in Europe. Message me if you want more information or reply if you have any questions.

  • No. There will be no WW3 in the coming decade

    There will be no WW3 in the coming decades, especially now that nations around the world see even greater value in diplomacy and in international engagement. The United Nations is now more important than ever, and this organization, along with highly important players around the world will work to prevent WW3. I don't believe WW3 will occur and believe nations will work to diplomatically resolve their differences.

  • Not now, but soon

    World War 3 will not happen by the next decade, it will happen in 2060, Isaac Newton prophesiased that the world would end in the 2060's, so we are good, for another 44 years, then we will have a big war, and the Antichrist will come to power, and Islam will rule the world, then Jesus will come, smite them, send them to she lob, and no one will ever be genital mutilated ever again, for another 1000 years.

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