• They are the same thing

    The Xbox One and PS4 are pretty much the same exact thing as each other. They both play high quality games and apps and you can record your screen on both. The Xbox One and The PS4 both have exclusive games but the Xbox One has more exclusive games than the PS4 and the exclusives are obviously a lot better. Taco Bell

  • Yes, Xbox one is better

    The Xbox one is better than ps4 for a variety of reasons. The Xbox one is cheaper, has more exclusives and better exclusives, it has better network connection, and the best online experience. And it has a company that actually invests in better online security, which is probably why Microsoft doesn't get hacked nearly as much as Sony does.

  • Yes, it has more features.

    Yes, Xbox One will be better than the PS4, because the Xbox once has a lot more features than the PS4. The PS4 is quite good, and can do a lot of things, but the Xbox one is the latest model. There is a lot of hype about the Xbox One, and if that is any indication, it will sell very well.

  • No it will not.

    Xbox one will not be better than PS4. For once PS4 is cheaper in the long run still because they do not have to pay for the services on a monthly fee, and only have to pay if they decide to pay online, which is a lot better than paying for everything else monthly.

  • Same Basic Systems

    The Xbox One and the PS4 are the same basic systems for gamers with expanded online playing, better downloads and awesome graphics. It just comes down to user loyalty as to which one sells better than the other. If sales are any indication, both consoles are equal in scope for consumers as the same number of units were sold this holiday season when the gaming hardware was released to the public.

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