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  • Not betting on the Kentucky Derby

    I will not be betting on the Kentucky Derby. No matter how many stats are out there confirming that a certain horse shall beat out all the others, there is no sure way to tell. After all, these are animals who can be very unpredictable at times. Good luck to those who are betting.

  • Is the Kentucky Derby a safe bet?

    As any form of gambling goes, there is the ultimate risk of losing your hard earned money. Of course there are the odds of winning, although highly stacked against your favor, if it pays off, it usually pays off well. One must consider what is acceptable for a loss and be prepared for it, as this is likely to be your outcome.

  • Enjoying the Derby Doesn't Have to Involve Betting

    The Kentucky Derby is an old traditional that can be enjoyed in its own right without gambling on the outcome. The colorful crowds with women wearing creative hats specifically chosen for Derby Day, beautiful horses, and the excitement of the race are enough to make for an enjoyable outing. Gambling does not need to be a part of the picture.

  • I don't have extra finances at this point to fritter away on longshot betting.

    I would only bet on the Kentucky Derby were I to believe, for some reason, that a longshot horse had a strong chance to do very well. Betting on a favorite in a race such as this has such a low return on investment with such high risk that such a bet, and betting on horse racing in general, simply is not a sound decision without insider knoweldge.

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