• I will, in spirit.

    My family doesn't celebrate the Chinese New Year but we do understand it's significance. I pay particular attention to the astrological aspect of it and I'll be reading up about the rooster. There will be no ostentatious observance of this holiday in our household, but I will definitely follow it on the news.

  • No I will NOT

    First, I do not know the relevance of Chinese new year
    Second, there are many other religions with different new year dates. It will be very biased approach of mine, if I do not celebrate their new year as well.
    Third, each race is emotionally connected with their customs and should continue to do so. Hence I am connected to my culture and would like to stick to it.

    Bottom line is, I will not be celebrating Chinese new year, as I have no emotional connection with the tradition

  • No, I will not celebrate.

    I wish i knew what it was all about, may I would have considered or if the government declared that day a public holiday, but as it stands its just a normal day for me. I have a few Chinese friends so I wish them a happy new year. Which year are they in?

  • No I will not be celebrating the Chinese New Year?

    For all my Chinese friends the Chinese New Year is the most important celebration event on their calendar. Fireworks are a major part of the celebration, because it is believed that the noise and exploding lights scare away all the evil spirits in the coming months of the lunar year.

  • No, I will not be celebrating the Chinese New Year.

    I will not be celebrating the Chinese New Year seeing that I am not Chinese. I will be celebrating the Hebrew New Year. I was raised to celebrate the typical American January 1 New Year and December 31 New Year's Eve, but those days are not truly for my people.

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