• One of the most amazing stories of survival, patriotism and redemption I have ever read.

    I read the book and I PRAY that Mr. Zamperini's story of his greatest battle he faced upon returning home from the war, will in no way be glossed over. More will relate with the battle for his life when he returned to the US as Citizen Zamperini than what he faced while in the middle of hell on earth as a castaway and POW.

  • Angelina Jolie is a great actress and person

    Angelina Jolie is an actress I support for her acting abilities as well as humanitarian efforts.The movies she performs in are usually action filled and she performs her role with believability. Compared to Cameron Diaz, who plays roles that are comedic an unmemorable, Angelina embraces more substantive roles. Her likable personality makes me want to support her.

  • I will not be going

    I have no desire to see this movie. Hollywood has gone further and further from mainstream, and seems more wrapped up in satisfying themselves then making enjoyable movies. As Angelina Jolie is in with this society, her recent work has been reflective of this. I dont think this film will be any different, and will not go see it.

  • Angelina Jolie was best in Tomb Raider

    I am quite a chauvinist at times, i will admit that. Having said that, I prefer her work in Original Sin or Tomb Raider 1 and 2, when she looked very sexy. That's nice because it gets males to go to the movie and pay money. Hollywood makes money and the world turns.

  • No, I will not watch Unbroken.

    I will not be going to the movie theaters to watch Angelina Jolie's new film Unbroken. I do not have anything against Angelina Jolie or the film, I just do not see anything interesting about it that would make me want to go to the movie theater to watch it. I also don't like watching movies in public.

  • No I Won't

    I am not a huge fan of Angelina Jolie and given the high prices of theater tickets, I don't go to random shows I may or may not like. I would assume that this film is fine and I probably will watch it in the future, but the soonest would be its release to Redbox.

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