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  • I can't say that I will.

    Sadly, I actually had to Google him to even see who he was. I've heard the name over the years, but it has never meant anything to me. While it is usually sad when someone dies, this has no impact on me in any way and I'm sorry to say that I probably couldn't care less about this particular one. This may sound heartless, but he's never meant anything to me so there is nothing for me to "mourn".

    Posted by: Misa
  • I do not know him to mourn him.

    No, I will not be mourning the death of Hugo Chavez. I am not very well aware of his political contributions or what he may have done or not done for his people. From what I hear, he was not a favorite of the Americans, but my knowledge of the man is limited.

  • I will not be mourning him because I don't care about him.

    His politics were not the same as mine, but that doesn't make me hate him. I don't really wish him any ill will after the fact. I know he was a monster, but he didn't do anything to me so honestly I don't really care. I am neither celebrating nor mourning, just accepting.

  • I will not be mourning Hugo Chavez's death because I disagree with his political stance.

    I do not care that Hugo Chavez is dead so I will not be mourning his death. I do not like dictators or anybody that is anti-America. I hope Venezuela can reform into a better country and maybe they can work with America instead of hating us--although I highly doubt that.

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