• Yes, I will be playing Powerball tonight.

    While I have heard many of the statistics floating around that mention just how very slim the chances of winning are, I can't help but think that someone may win. For $2 it just seems a shame not to take the chance that someone could possibly be me (even if I do have a better chance of being elected president).

  • I have already got my ticket

    How can you not participate in the biggest lottery ever? It will be life changing for whoever wins. I bought a ticket last night at the grocery store and tucked it away in a safe place. Hey, the odds of winning is astronomical but you still have to be in it to win it and I am all in.

  • To Play Or Not To Play

    Why waste the money people ask? My response typically is because I want to play. I cannot win if I don't play. Yes, I know my odds of winning are slim to none. However, I have the freedom to spend my money on things that I enjoy. If you want to spend your money on alcohol or cigarettes, by all means, that is your choice. Please do not question or criticize mine.

  • Yes I will

    I am playing powerball tonight. It's basically assured I won't win, but it was hard not to play. My office pooled together money and bought a bunch of tickets. The last thing you want to do is be the person who didn't join just in case lightning does happen to strike.

  • No. As in no.

    Tempting, though it may be, there are several good reasons not to play the lottery.

    #1- The odds are just too great. You have a better chance of death by hot tap water or winning an Oscar than you do of winning the lottery.

    #2- Lottery winners have been statistically proven to be generally unhappy. 65% of lottery winners end up bankrupt.

    #3- Winning the lottery is a safety risk. Especially when people know that you've just won 1.4 billion dollars. A man in Florida was allegedly murdered by a woman who had been fleecing him for millions of dollars prior after winning the lottery. Winning money like that makes someone a target for all sorts of people looking to dip their hands in that cash. Crooks and opportunists alike.

    #4- As the pot grows, so do the participants, which further decreases your chance at success.

    #5- In addition to the approx. 40% you will need to pay in taxes, the IRS will also take an additional 20-25% because your proceeds game from "gambling." Your name my not have been on the IRS roster before, but it certainly will be after winning!

    #6- A $2 lottery ticket can be put into a growth stock mutual fund, where the amount of return may not be as great, but the chances of return are near 100%, compared to the chances of return on a lottery ticket, which are .000000004%.

    #7- My family would actually start calling me again...

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