• I would love to

    It is an incredible opportunity to see how easy and normal can vegan food be. I'll not just try it but eat it regulary to show demand for a food that doesn't involve unnecessary killing of innocent beings purely to please my tastebuds. I love this option and will certainly try it.

  • No, I won't

    I am not a vegetarian or vegan and I find tofu to be a poor excuse for meat so I see no reason for me to partake in this new burrito. I think it's great for those who enjoy tofu, but I do not happen to be one of those people.

  • No, I won't be trying Chipotle's new burrito

    As much as the health food craze has taken off and as long as it has been going on, it's somewhat surprising that Chipotle is just now jumping on the band wagon. Hipsters have been slinging tofu for at least a couple of decades now, but just because Chipotle is cooking it doesn't mean it will start to taste good. I'm not touching this one.

  • No, I will not be trying Chipotle's new Soffrita burrito

    I love Chipotle's food, but I find their anti-science, anti-agriculture image annoying. It plays to the sensibilities of people who are so up in arms about perceived corporate conspiracies that they are unable to differentiate between actual evidence and outright fabrications. I will never watch "Farmed and Dangerous," and I'm not interested in any vegetarian offerings. I will continue to order my burritos from Chipotle with steak, and I would be delighted if they were chock full of GMOs grown on large-scale agricultural compounds.

  • I don't like tofu

    My buddy got one the other day and it didn't look terrible but when I go to chipotle I will be sticking with either the chicken or steak burritos. I have been more than satisfied with them in the past and love chiptole and have no need to try anything new.

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