Will you be watching the animated "Star Wars: Clone Wars" now that it's going to be on Netflix?

  • Its better than the prequels.

    It has better stories then the prequel movies. It also gives characters like obi wan, anikan, and padme a chance to grow more as characters. It introduces a new and interesting character Ahsoka Tano, I watched the show for a while and then just lost interest, this will be a perfect way to caught back up.

  • I am a nerd

    Yes you would see me watching it 24/7 I am a total nerd. And I am a big fan of everything Star Wars. When I was 10 I dressed up as princess Lela and won 1 in a competition. And last year I was a star trooper, it was funny

  • I will because I love all things Star Wars.

    As a grown man, it's almost embarrassing, but I want to watch Clone Wars. I didn't get to watch it in my formative years, so I can't wait to watch it on Netflix. I can watch it on demand from the comfort of my own home, and I never have to admit to another living soul that I watched it.

  • Yes, I will be watching "Star Wars: Clone Wars" due to the greater ease of it being on Netflix.

    "Clone Wars" as it is commonly called is a critically acclaimed cartoon among Star Wars fans and is something that I have been meaning to get around to watching for some time. Despite having a Cable TV subscription with nearly every channel I still only visit a few of them because there is not a good way to filter through the information and find what I want. Netflix provides a superior UI for finding the shows that I want to watch and allows me to continuously watch as many episodes as I want. Also with devices such as my ChromeCast it is even easier to view these shows on my TV in a large screen format just as if they were availabe on demand from my TV provider.

  • It's a classic.

    Yes, I will be watching the animated Star Wars: Clone Wars, now that it's going to be on Netflix, because Netflix is an easy way to see good television and films. Star Wars is so popular that everyone really needs to see it in order to appreciate common cultural references. I will have to check it out.

  • Not a fan

    No, I will not be watching this new film that is coming out. I have never been a big star wars fan, and have never actually watched a full star wars movie. So going and watching an animated star wars is not something that I plan on doing anytime soon.

  • I've got better things to watch on Netflix.

    Nope. Of the many things I might watch on Netflix, the Clone Wars cartoons about Star Wars aren't on that list. While I enjoy Star Wars, even the new ones (well, sort of), when it gets into the stuff like animations and books and manga is where my attention wanes.

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