• Yes, I will buy apple watch.

    Yes, I will buy apple watch. I love everything that apple does and will defiantly support them in this as well. I think they have a wonderful product that is very well thought out. I really love the slick new design it has. All of the features are just wonderful to me.

  • No way overpriced

    Not a big fan of watches in general. That said, if you want a wearable, as usual Apple makes the most stylish one. Apple is history, they are overrated. It's strength departed with Steve Jobs. Now it just glorified dress up of old products. I am always charging the phone.

  • No, I won't buy an Apple Watch

    I won't be buying an Apple watch because as it stands now, the functionality it offers is not the kind of thing I would find necessary or even helpful. Perhaps for someone who has a truly very busy schedule and workload, such as a corporate CEO or Wall Street stock trader, being able to send and receive text messages and phone calls without taking your phone out of your pocket would be useful, but for me it's just not necessary: I can always take my phone out of my pocket.

  • Not Buying Apple Watch

    No I will not buy an apple watch at this time. I own a really old style phone that I don't even pay for. I do not even own an Iphone or smart phone. I have used one though and loved it. I do not have enough money to be able to afford the latest and greatest technology gadgets.

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