• Yes, I've never played a Sims game before so I will be trying this next one

    Yes, I will buy The Sims 4. I am an avid video game player and have never tried any of the Sims games before despite their appeal. I actually own the 3rd game but have just never got into it. The new one seems quite appealing and revolutionary so I will definitely be buying it.

  • Yes, I will

    I love the Sims games and will definitely purchase Sims 4. I am not a huge gamer but have really enjoyed the Sims series and have most of the games. It is my way to relax and I defiantly will be purchasing the game. I think it will do really well and the brand will continue to grow.

  • Buy The Sims 4

    Yes I would love to purchase the game Sims 4. I have played all kinds of Sims games from when they first came out until now. I have played on the PlayStation as well as on the computer. I remember the first time I played years ago, I was addicted.

  • If by buy you mean download illegally without paying for it at all...

    Then yes. Yes I will. I will buy it and play it and it will be amazing and I can't wait to have the mods so i can have triplets and actually "woohoo" incensored and impregnate my Sim's wife then have a Sim's protest against my interracial couple ending with the submission of the inferior races and their inferior hubbies giving it all up to my character.


  • No I will not

    I won't because I don't play it. I used to play the Sim's, back when I had more free time. Now I work way too much, and when I have free time I use it cleaning and taking care of my kids. No time to take care of a virtual home too!

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