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  • I will not be downloading iOS8

    It would be strange for me to download iOS 8, I have no apple devices, including a mac or iPhone, that would be suitable. With mobile devices I prefer the Android operating system, I find it very smooth and simple to use, and the price tag of Apple devices often seems overly high. I think a large part of the cost is paying for the name, rather than the technology, in the same way as part for fashion labelled clothing.

  • No I won't

    I used to have an iPhone. I had it and it was great and I loved it, but then they started making me update constantly. The updates eventually rendered my phone useless. I don't have the money to constantly upgrade my stupid phone. I need it to make calls and text. I can do all that other stuff on my laptop. I now have an android, and it works just fine and I dont have an update that makes my phone suck more every 2 weeks.

  • I like Droids better.

    I will not download the iOS 8, because I think it will probably have some bugs. In my experience, unless you want to do very specific things, an android device will meet your needs just as well as an iphone will. Androids are also less expensive. I will continue to use the systems I know.

  • tired of having to learn something all over again

    tired of having to learn something all over again, this always happens when a new computer or OS system comes out and it is really frustrating why not just improve the layout of what is already existing and stop having people to relearn everything all over again, personally i dont like apple products

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