Will you eat foods you really do not like on holidays simply because the food is related to the holiday?

  • Yes, I`m afraid so.

    Emotional eating is common over the holidays. People tend to spend holidays with their families, and depending on your relationship with your family that can be joyful, aggravating or some combination of both. For some, eating can be a way of numbing the discomfort that arises. One of the biggest reasons people overeat during the holidays is because of the abundance of highly palatable and rewarding food. A food is palatable when it tastes good.

  • No, because I am picky about foods.

    No I will not eat foods simply because they are related to a holiday. I am a vegetarian, so that leaves out manyfoods, like turkey on Thanksgiving, ham on Christmas, etc. I believe that people should be allowed to follow their dietary restrictions, even on holidays. Additionally, everyone has different "favorite foods" and should be allowed to eat these on holidays.

  • Adults are free to make food choices based on their preferences, not on tradition.

    Many holidays are celebrated with an abundance of food, providing for many options of what to eat. It should hardly be necessary for any adult celebrating a holiday to eat foods he or she dislikes simply because it has sentimental attachment to the holiday. Vegetarians make food choices containing no meat, and those who do not eat pork or shellfish are still able to find plenty other items to eat. If an adult doesn't like a particular food, he should feel free to just say no.

  • No, I will not eat foods I do not like on holidays.

    I will not eat foods I really do not like on holidays just because the food is related to a holiday. If I do not like a food I see no reason to eat it anyway. It is a waste of resources to buy and prepare a food simply because it is related to a holiday if no one wants to eat it. Additionally, if other people like the food and want to eat it, they can. There is no reason for me to also eat it if I do not like it.

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