• Yeah I agree with these two

    Come on just stop with the spam already people need this website for research and stuff, Take this crap to yahoo answers or something or take it to reddit, Anywhere but here, This website is not meant for spam or stupid spam wars or stupid drama this website is meant for opinions

  • Yeah me too

    I wanna post topics on this website but my mom monitors me and if she sees this crap she’s gonna bam me from this website and I really don’t want to get banned so can you guys please stop? Seriously please stop before I get banned I don’t want to get banned!

  • Guys come on stop!

    Look I really need this website for school and I really need to look up some serious debates on this website can you guys go take this to 4chan or twitter or wherever else? Nobody finds this appealing anymore and all you're doing is killing a website that's already dead.

  • Loser! Loser! Loser!

    Worthless losers crying like a bunch of babies. At least the spammers don’t cry when they get roasted. They just abandon ship and get themselves replaced. You have to cry for help that is far from here. Grow up and accept the change. Let the past die, Kill it if you have to

  • A new start

    We didn’t destroy debate. Org. We terraformed it into our definition of reality. Suck it up morons. We are having fun and we won’t stop. We want tryouts to cry and scream. Every time a child cries, Jamal gains 100 bucks. Every time a guy rages, Bully maguire gets a free pass to bully somebody

  • Suck it up

    How many times do I have to say schools do not use debate. Org to do school projects and only crappy poopy schools with poopy students use debate. Org. You worthless wage slaves can sit and cry while we spam away and have everything we want handed over on a silver platter

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