• It's not only about sex

    I love fifty shades trilogy and i hate those people who would say that this series is "porn" thing. What i liked about it is the story itself. I love how christian willingness to change just to have ana back. Gets? The flow of the story... Its a lovestory .

  • I would watch it...Eventually

    The movie has potential to portray the book more as art and less as "porn" but it could also be taken the wrong way. It seems to be a somewhat awkward movie to see with friends or family because of the sexual content. However, the sound track is incredible and I would consider going just to see how they included the music with the scenes.

  • Yes, I will see the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

    Although I have not read the book, I plan on going to see the Fifty Shades of Grey movie with friends. I think it will make for a fun girls night out and I believe that it will likely have better writing than the book. Also, I want to stare at Jamie Dornan for two hours straight.

  • One answer, Never!

    I want to watch a movie not porn. I like my movies to be in the movie category not in the porn category. I've seen porn that have better acting, and even a better storyline than this trash. It's really sad to see what the world has come to. Really sad.

  • Not that great of a book.

    No, I will not see the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, because I think that book was just a fad. What is the difference between that book and any other kind of romance novel. Someone started reading it because the person next to them did. It is no more special than any other kind of book.

  • I will not see the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

    The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is being hyped and is highly anticipated. I will not be seeing this film. I think those that go to the movie may be turned off by what they see. Sometimes what is erotic on the written page can turn sour when actually viewed on the screen. I think that people will go see it out of curiosity, but I do not believe it will be well reviewed.

  • No, I will not see the 50 shades of gray movie.

    No, I will not see the 50 shades of gray movie. while I'm sure the movie will be wildly popular and enjoyed by many, I do not enjoy romance books or movies. I prefer to spend my time on nonfiction pursuits that further my education and career goals. Besides, most people say movies based on books aren't nearly as good as the book anyway. Right?

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