• Viewer plans to see "Hello, My Name is Doris"

    This writer plans to see the movie, "Hello, My Name is Doris." It stars Sally Field, who generally does fine work. She also received critical acclaim for her role in this film. The concept seems about an older woman's attraction to a younger co-worker seems entertaining. It is a comedy, which is always fun to see.

  • Well Hello Doris!

    Yes, I will see the new movie "Hello, My Name is Doris?" It looks so incredibly funny. I laughed through the trailer! And who does not just love Sally Field? Not only does the movie seem hilarious, it looks endearing; heartfelt. This appears to be the type of movie that will invoke a variety of different feelings while you watch it. I like to "feel" the movies I watch, so I think I will enjoy this one.

  • No, it hasn't attracted me with it's trailers and pictures.

    The trailers don't seem interesting, the reception was good but it seems that not a lot of people have seen it. There are no known actors that would make me watch it, and it seems to be riddled with cliches. There are a lot of better films from 2015 that should be seen.

  • I will probably see the movie

    I will probably see the movie because it has two actresses in it I grew up seeing on TV -- Tyne Daly and Sally Field. I remember Tyne Daly from Cagny and Lacy. I also remember Sally Field from Gidget. I haven't seen these women in any films in years, so it will make for an interesting film.

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