• Chipotle food is safe after Norovirus outbreak

    Yes, Chipotle's food is safe after the outbreak of Norovirus swept through their restaurant. Like any large chain, the firm was able to review its supply chain, food storage, and preparation processes to address the issue. The firm has improved its quality control and training programs. Customers should be confident about the safety of the food going forward.

  • Even with problems, loyal Chipotle customers exist

    Even after the Norovirus and E. coli contaminations affected so many people in the USA, I will still eat at Chipotle, provided they do something to show they care about their customers. However, I should add that I will not eat at Chipotle in California or Boston where the heart of the outbreaks were/are.

  • Yes, I would still eat at Chipotle after their food has caused the Norovirus

    I would still eat food at Chipotle due to the measures they have been taking to improve their food safety and prevent any further harmful outbreaks. I believe that the restaurant chain can make the changes needed to make their food completely safe to eat. This, along with the fact that I have eaten at Chipotle in the past without problems, makes me unafraid to eat their food.

  • I will not eat Chipotle after their food has caused Norovirus

    I will not eat Chipotle after their food has caused Norovirus because it demonstrates a clear and present danger to my health. When one considers the type of employee that works at these restaurants, it is a wonder that more instances of food related illnesses are not more common. Sorry, I will cook my own meals at home.

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