Will you still use your credit cards at places like Home Depot and Target even with the security breaches?

  • Have to Live.

    Yes, I will still use my credit cards, because I still have to live my life. You cannot live your life in constant fear of everything. If you use cash, that might be stolen too. While we are on this earth, there is no way to fully protect yourself from others who lie and cheat.

  • I dont have one

    I don't have a credit card that I use anyway. I hate the one I do have, my ex husband maxed it out while we were still married and guess who gets to pay it off. Yep! This girl! Talk about wishing I was a statistic for once! I hate credit cards.

  • credit cars security

    No I would not use my personal credit cars at places like Home Depot and Target even with security breaches. For one thing I do not own one of these types of cards because I do not trust their safety to begin with and it turns out that I was right not to.

  • dont risk it

    no, it is not worth the risk of finiacail info getting into the hands of hackers, this can be very dangerous if this were to happen, i will shop at other places to prevent this from happening but it seems as if this is happening more and more today. this must stop

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