• Cyber-war an effective and non-violent platform for conflict

    Anonymous' cyber war with Turkey takes the conflict off the battlefield and into a realm where casualties are non-existent. It also seems a more effective way to disable Turkey's regime at little cost. Military is an expensive, and violent way and tends to cause more conflict that it actually helps to solve.

  • I think they need to take a break.

    I believe they think their hearts are in the right place, but they aren't always doing what's best. They need to limit themselves to targets that truly deserve it, and try to focus efforts on things they can actually affect. An entire government is too big of a target for them to be successful.

  • Who is Anonymous and why are They Doing This?

    I can't support anyone who would start a cyber-war. Don't care what their feeling is on someone or a country. To me this is hiding behind a keyboard. Yes many of us do that these days, which is part of the problem. Cyber wars and bullying seem to be out of control these days because we all can hide. Well, for the most part we can remember our ISP Addresses can get us tracked. So whomever Anonymous is they need to be careful none the less with what they say and do. Remember there are ways of tracking us even online.

  • Whatever kind of war is bad

    Whenever one mentions war, it is not a good thing. Whoever starts a war, it is not right either. There are always possible solutions to solve problems, regardless it is a physical act or cyber version. Declaring wars somehow signifies a destruction and people will get hurt. Why do we need wars even if it is online? Be sensible and think it thrice to see what kind of act it is. Wars don't solve problems at all.

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