• Yes, I would use Apple Pay to pay for my items at retail stores.

    Yes, Apple Pay is something I would use to pay for items. Apple Pay is much more safe than cash or credit cards. With Apple Pay the only way to access your money is with your fingerprint, and a fingerprint is much more difficult to forge than just a signature.

  • Apple pay- Wallet free and hassle free.

    Apple has the largest consumer base in US and more than 800 million consumers already use the Apple iTunes Store and more than 500 million use Apple iPhones. Apply pay works with NFC (near field communication) technology, which helps contact-less communication between devices like a smartphone and payment terminal. Thus making the Apple pay, a wallet free and hassle free way of payment.

  • Apple Pay use

    No I will no be using Apple Pay to pay for any items at retail stores. First of all I have no idea even what Apple pay is. I also do not have any money to pay for anything anyways. When I do have any money it is usually cash.

  • No, I will not use Apple Pay in retail stores

    No, I will not use Apple Pay as I do not believe the security level is up to the standards it should be. If I were to lose my cell phone, what protection do I have to ensure the Apple Pay service does not get used? There are already enough ways for people to steal your identity and money, and in my opnion this is just another.

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