Will you vote for Clinton if given the opportunity in the upcoming presidential election?

  • If Bernie doesn't win the nomination, I will vote for Clinton.

    Although Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have different beliefs and values, they both understand what is wrong in America today. Clinton, like Sanders, wants to help save the climate. She wants to keep the rich from becoming richer while the poor become poorer. More importantly, she wants to take power away from the rich.

  • She is a great leader

    Yes, for sure! Clinton has so much experience in handling internal and external affairs. Regardless her failing of using her personal smart phone on dealing with national issues, she is still a great leader. She has specific policies to better America. She has done a lot to protect our rights. So, if I have the chance, I will vote for her.

  • I will not

    I will not vote for Hillary Clinton if given the opportunity in the upcoming presidential election. I can't get past her issues surrounding Benghazi. I also think she is part of the political machine and we need a change in this country. I am in favor of an outsider and not a traditional politician.

  • Only if Sanders isn't a choice.

    Clinton is a good backup. But she is too entrenched with corporate politics for her to be the main choice for me. If it boils down to only her or a republican I'll go with Clinton, but I'd much prefer Sanders to get the nomination. We will have to see what happens.

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