• I want the election process fixed

    How did we end up from over 20 presidential candidates to just 2 choices.
    We have two candidates that a lot of people do not like at all. Its like going to an ice cream shop and you see all the flavors but then they tell you that you have to choose between butter pecan or eggnog.
    We can't I have chocolate or vanilla?
    Because eggnog paid more money to campaign and butters won because people thought it would the best flavor to win against eggnog.
    Some people wanted other choices but the whole election and candidates were fixed from the start.

  • Maybe I will

    I am an adult myself and I am telling joe Biden hate Trump and of course I hate Trump too ok and I think that I will vote for joe Biden since he is more nicer smarter more intelligent also he care about everyone ok ok ok bye bye ok

  • Biden is too old, Too weak, To senile, And has terrible ideas.

    Biden wants police defunded and supports BLM and Antifa looting, Burning down, And destroying the cities.
    Not even ONE law enforcement organization endorses him.
    He will raise taxes.
    He will impose huge regulations on business keeping them from growing and hiring.
    He doesn't have it in him to outnegotiate China, Let alone leverage strong arm the global competition.
    He would most likely die in office, Being 78 even before his first inauguration.
    His dementia is getting worse it's sad. He needs a caretaker, And not be leader of the free world.
    He supports a version of the New Green Deal that will completely destroy the energy industry, Skyrocket taxes, Skyrocket your energy bills, Skyrocket unemployment, And completely bankrupt America, All for a tiny miniscule change in global carbon emission.
    Most likely he will step down or die in office leaving Kamala Harris in charge, A lady who slept her way into California politics when she was younger, And only got the VP offer because Biden is trying to pander to women and minorities. But she's an extremist Antifa/BLM loving nutcase who couldn't manage a McDonalds.

    Trump may be a shrewd A-hole sure, But the guy is tough, Gets things done, Kept his promises and more, And boomed the economy, And his "Operation Warp Speed" has created a vaccine in a ridiculously fast time and will be ready in only a few months. That's the kind of guy we need in office.

  • Because I'm 14

    14 year olds cannot vote so I am just going to spectate what happens. Do we want a democrat or republican in the office. Do we want a humanitarian or a economist/businessman. I want all of that in consideration. Plus, Is it true Biden is going to raise our taxes or is that just another lie?

  • He supports police defundment

    Defunding the police is arguably the worst idea I have seen in my lifetime. If the police budget gets cut police salaries will be cut officers will go on strike no working police officers crime skyrockets people die. Does that make you rethink who you're going to vote because it should, And im not saying Donald Trump is a good option, They are both sh*t, But Biden is more sh*t

  • Both are Jesuitical Puppets

    They are all Jesuits, Working toward the same goals. The worst person will be elected, No matter who it is to win.

    Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=bEWJzPytMq0 - Predictive Programming, Agenda 21, Jesuit Propaganda - Etc.

    Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=DqkosdRK-R0 - Democrats True Face for those thinking Voting Helps

    Voting Does Nothing.

  • Disagree with him on every level

    Right down to his notion that you have to echo the condemnations of the radicals in his party so you can be "one of us, One of us, One of us"

    Well surprise. . . No one really wants anything your platform supports. I feel bad and embarrassed for politicians who get up there and put themselves out there socially etc. Because some democratic rep came to them and said theyd be able to win because. . . "look at these poll numbers! ". So out of touch, Just so so out of touch. . .

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