• Well, If I were old enough I would

    Seriously? All of the people who say they won't vote for him just talk about how he is such a bully and has a bad attitude. Do you really think those are the leadership qualities everyone should be focusing on? If you say you won't vote for Trump because of his attitude, I pray to God you don't vote for Biden.

  • Yes, Almost assuredly I will

    This poll, However, Doesnt even reflect the numbers in current news polls, Which are already biased as it is. This ones even more extreme than that. . . Which I have to believe only reflects upon the types of people on here and not what our nation is truly composed of.

    That much is already clear though just looking at any given traditional stance on this site.

  • Biden is a puppet, And Kamala Harris will become president without being elected. On the other hand, Trump is actually following through on his promises.

    Joe Biden is obviously just a puppet in the hands of the leaders of the Democratic party. If Biden wins, Those leaders will be in complete control of the White House.

    Not voting for Trump will split the vote, Giving the presidential seat to Biden.

    In addition, Since Kamala Harris is his running mate, She will automatically become president if anything happens to Biden. This means that the Democratic leaders can sit Harris in the presidential seat without her getting elected. Is this democracy? No. This goes against the very name of the democratic party.

    On the other hand, Donald Trump has actually been following through on his promises.

    The media is very powerful, And most outlets are heavily against Trump. Because of the constant barrage of personal attacks on Trump, The media has gained massive influence on the people, Essentially brainwashing the viewers. In addition, Hundreds of lies are being circulated every day and are believed by the common voter. Why? So that those in the media can put their people in the White House and have complete control over the United States.

    As a country, We don't have to be bound down to this! We can rise up against all evil, And extinguish it!

    You don't have to believe the media. You don't have to be brainwashed. You can educate yourself.

    Vote for Trump.

  • Least bad option.

    On a personal character front, I don't want to vote for either.

    When analyzing policies and their intended implications, I find myself in favor of Trump.

    I long for the election im walking into the booth and not only excited because I get to exercise this freedom but to actually be excited and really behind a candidate.

    Although, If I could ask a debate question they wouldn't answer by telling me why the other person is wrong or by giving the canned promo video response with no emphasis on the actual question. . . I'd ask what, In a viral and digital culture, Is your justification for your advertising budget pertaining to adds which simply say your name or a slogan?

    Are we not in the age where if the majority of America agrees with your policies, You'd naturally rise to the top? Be recognized? Be known? And if no, Who's looking for billboards, Yard signs, And depth-less promos which don't actually say anything? The recent increase in, Don't worry about why you should vote for me, Here's why you shouldn't vote for them. What! ? Can we not think for ourselves anymore?

    I guess when the campaign trail seems to have turned into a popularity contest, Its no surprise to see comment after comment and reasons for voting which are entirely based on a persons media-slanted, Image based view of if they're a "good person " with no regard to policy whatsoever.

    I'm not saying the personal character carries no weight. But, All of it?

  • Too young my friends

    I'm too young to vote my friends I'm too young to vote my friends I'm too young to vote my friends I'm too young to vote my friends I'm too young to vote my friends v I'm too young to vote my friends v v I'm too young to vote my friends

  • Not presidential material

    Donald Trump is a true threat to U. S. Government. He can not be trusted. It is very difficult to explain, Concurrently he came make a false statement that he defends as a fact or truth. More over he can out right lie and believe it is the truth; ie, He did not have an affair with the porn star he paid $130, 000. To not print her story? He acts on his feelings without for-thought. Takes no or limited concern of others or their recommendations. He is extremely cruel to anyone who does not agree with him. He is a bully and has a natural tendency to dictators and dictatorial regimes. He seeks public worship, Praise, And appreciation from other of him self. Not a nice guy?

  • The only promises that Trump is making to America, Is more chaos, More division, More cover-ups, More authoritarian directives and more lies.

    Donald Trump's problem is not the media. Trump's problem is himself and the problem has been himself from the very start.

    The Media doesn't make Trump take off his masks stunt immediately after he arrives back to the White House from the hospital. The Media didn't make him act like a blooming idiot at the first Presidential debate, Even giving the moderator a hard time. The Media didn't give Trump his childish, Cynical, And arrogant attitude.

    The Media is not Donald Trump's Mother or Father or Step parent. Trump is a grown man and he should grow up and start taking responsibility for his actions and behavior- Especially if he wants to be taken seriously.

    America is ready to move on from this childish, Temper tantrum, Grandiose political stunts and ploys. Donald Trump has been the most childish, Radical, Ridiculous, President ever. What a hot mess.

  • No vote for Trump.

    The office of the Presidency is held to a higher standard than any other job in America. Does that mean that the President has to be a perfect human being? Of course not. This is what it means: The President was sworn in to protect and work for American citizens nationwide. So when Trump has built his presidency off of misleading information and skewed information for his own personal agendas, The average American should be asking himself or herself, "Will Donald Trump do what's best for Americans? " or will Trump mainly do what's best for himself and if some Americans happen to catch a few benefits, Along the way, Then so be it. Trump favors cozy relationships with dictators, Why that doesn't raise alarms in some Americans is beyond me. Some Americans have become so desensitized to the dysfunction of Trump, That he can do no wrong in their eyes. That's what's so dangerous.

    For example, If a father's college daughter had a popular star athlete boyfriend, And the boyfriend is always "buttering up" to the father, With free tickets to the sports events, Discounts on merchandise, Plus the boyfriend is in great position to go professional and make millions of dollars. Yet, The boyfriend treats the daughter very bad and disrespectful every chance he gets. The daughter tries so hard to tell her father about how she's being mistreated, But her dad "refuses" to believe it or hear it. Her father has been overtaken by the many freebies and gifts given to him by his daughter's boyfriend, Plus the father is thinking about possibly having a professional athlete for a son-in-law in the near future. This example is somewhat how Trump supporters continue to support Trump, That he can do no wrong in their eyes. The issue here is not about Trump simply being human, And will make mistakes. The overwhelming evidence and issues here is that Trump will purposely mislead, Misconstrue, Cover up, Undermine, Lie, Plus, Get his staff to cover for him, In order to make himself look strong, Look knowledgeable, And be well received by others.

    In 2016, Trump ran his campaign on the basis that he wasn't a "Career Politician". Well now, Trump really is a politician in that sense of it. Trump can't be trusted. His policies can't be trusted if he lies and misleads the American public on the simplest of things.

    We are all Americans. We are supposed to be smart enough to know when somebody know matter how popular they are, Are trying to do a number on us, In the "name" of America.

    Trump will try to turn America into a radical authoritarian-style nation. Can you even believe the things he is currently saying about Covid-19? Even with all he has been thru over the past few days. Wow.

  • Nope, No vote for Trump.

    While Trump is currently in the hospital being treated for Covid-19, He really does need to see a psychiatrist or mental health counseling. Acting like a big bully does not make you appear STRONG. It actually reveals how INSECURE you are. Trump appears to have a personality disorder that he needs to come face to face with. America deserves better. We need a President with a healthy sense of self, Not another four years of this awful "Cheap Reality TV show" experience coming from Trump. America does not need an "uppity"-acting President like Trump. There is a difference between having real confidence and charisma and then being cocky and disrespectful. Somebody in Trump's camp needs to replay the first presidential debate, And show him how ridiculous he was. . . . But they would be too afraid to do that.

    The republican party grew horns when they decided to adopt Trump's actions as legitimate and beneficial to America. Congratulations goes to Trump for his effective mind-control and intimidation techniques to get what he always wants. . . . Power, Control, And worshipers.

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