• I Have No Choice

    Unfortunately, if I said 'no', I would be stuck in an eternal paradox, which may well result in the universe exploding, or something equally as painfull. I also have to pad this out to 50 words, otherwise the answer is 'no', in which case I will have to vote as such - and we know what happens then.

  • If you post it they will come

    Eventually.... Unless someone deletes it before hand, or the voting session is over. For which I apologize, but I'll vote in the comment section.... Unless you didn't allow comments. Why is when I'd ask why didn't you allow comments? Just not in the comment section.... Cause you know.... You forbade comments.

  • Screw that .

    Only I like to eat people on my pizza with a little cactus in it. I just don't Guess to have a polar bear. Mother phucking polar bears ate my face no I have to go find Gabriel's sledgehammer. The I'm I How do up five more words are needed

  • Probably maybe not.

    I probably won't vote on your debate. I haven't registered to vote yet. It would be illegal if I voted. However, I encourage you to debate more, for the art of formal debate is a fine one. Good luck my fellow friend and may the force be with you. Goodbye.

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