Will you watch Stephen Colbert as the host of "The Late Show"?

  • Yes, I'll make a point of watching Colbert

    I'm looking forward to watching Colbert when he takes over for David Letterman. Colbert is smart and witty and a good interviewer, and I'm eager to see what he's like when he's sloughs off the persona of the conservative blowhard he plays on Comedy Central. I'm puzzled by Jimmy Fallon's popularity, because his supposedly boyish charm gets on my nerves. Jimmy Kimmel is pretty good, but his goofy sidekick makes him unwatchable for me. So as far as I'm concerned, Colbert will have no competition.

  • Definitely I would

    As much as it is sad that he is leaving the Colbert Report and his conservative persona behind, he is an amazing comedian and interviewer, and I will continue to watch him wherever he goes, and I am sure he will be just as funny and brilliant on the Late Show.

  • Yes, he's a funny guy that knows how to interview.

    Colbert is an enjoyable guy to watch. He brings up thought-provoking points and keeps the conversation moving. His interviews on "The Late Show" are sure to be interesting and not the typical ones seen today. He's witty and clever as well, two things that are a recipe for success in late night.

  • Yes, he is a very funny guy.

    Finally we may have a comic who is as gifted as Leno was on late night tv. I think Stephen Colbert is a super talented man with a great sense of humor. All that remains to be seen is whether, stripped of his pundit persona, he will be just as cutting as his own personality.

  • No, I will not watch.

    I don't find his particular brand of humor all that funny and I don't think he will be able to pull all of the biggest celebrities to his show like David Letterman was. I think he isolated a lot of his viewers with his political commentary and I would guess that many conservatives will not be tuning in.

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