William Halsted's addiction: Should illegal drugs be used for their medicinal properties?

  • Marijuana is clearly working for many!

    As the legalization of marijuana continues to grow in the United States, the evidence of its usefulness in health care is becoming undeniable. The effect cannabis oil has on stemming childhood seizures for those acutely affected by them is incredible. It should also be noted we are still just discovering these uses for just this one drug and many more could be coming. It's important to continue the study of these drugs and how they might be able to help society even further.

  • Illegal drugs have beneficial properties.

    The only difference between legal and illegal drugs are who gets the money from the addicts. People are addicted to legal drugs, too. The medicinal properties of illegal drugs have been in debate for years and has just lately been handed back over to the legal side of things. So, it's just a matter of time before it's all legal.

  • The law must be changed to allow for illegal drugs to be used for medicinal properties and purposes

    The law must be changed to allow for illegal drugs to be used for medicinal properties and purposes. While the drug war seems like a good idea, it is a complete failure by any objective measure. Drug addicts don't need to be put in prison, they need to be put in treatment centers.

  • Illegal drugs are dangerous

    Illegal drugs are addictive and dangerous. Pharmaceutical companies spend millions, in not billions, on research and development of drugs. There is a drug for every ailment. Drugs may be combined with other drugs, or combined with various therapies (over-the-counter) for effective management of a disease. It does not make sense to use illegal drugs for their medicinal properties, when a patient could get the help they need from safe and approved FDA drugs.

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