• The dark brown hair!

    Yes, Roger Federer is the best looking tennis player ever, because he has wavy dark hair that I cannot resist. Pete Sampras was also very good looking, but he was from many years ago now. Roger Federer is so good looking, and he is also in very good shape which makes him more good looking.

  • Is Federer the prettiest?

    The question in itself is simply absurd. Yes, Roger Federer is one handsome fella but to imply that He's the best looking tennis player ever goes a bit far. Over the years, there have been a great deal of very good looking tennis players, both male and female and choosing just one as the " Best Looking
    " is short sighted.

  • Give everyone else some credit

    This kind of profiling and objectification of men is what's wrong with this country. For too long has this misandry plagued out society and portrayed men as inferior. Ask not if he is the most attractive player, but if he is the most talented. Stop the unjust bias and end misandry.

  • He is not the best looking

    I actually do not think he is attractive and think he has a pretty big nose. I don't think you can classify anyone as the best looking ever if you have not seen every single one. I do not see all the hype with him and think he is nothing special to look at.

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