• SOccer is better

    I feel like tennis is much more stressing than soccer although soccer is more work-out. Tennis you are the only one who can finish and I find it embarrasing when you loose and your coach makes the whole team run because of you. IN soccer i feel is much more relieving because you are playing as a team, And i feel like the rest of the players support you, They might get mad but one mistake you make doesn't have a grater chance on loosing the game while in tennis that happens.

  • Soccer is better

    Soccer is better and funner to watch and is rocks and tennis sucks i love soccer so much tennis is just butt but soccer is funner and funnier to watch so that is my opinion i i i love love soccer so much i played it my whole life thanks if you agree

  • Soccer is a game that you can start anywhere

    If you want to play sports but don't have a lot of money, All you would need to play soccer is something to kick around and some friends. But tennis requires proper equipment which is not cheap. And with soccer you don't need a lot of space to play. This is why soccer is better than tennis.

  • Soccer is better than tennis

    Soccer is better than tennis because you can have a team mate in soccer, if your tired you could just be a gole, most people buy tickets to soccer games than tennis games, and you can make your own team outfit. That is all the reasons why I think soccer is better than tennis.

  • Soccer is the king of world sports

    Every sports fan has their favorite sport, their favorite team, their favorite playoff or match, their favorite sports moment, etc. These are all personal favorites and open to discussion, agreement and/or disagreement. If you consider the world wide verdict on best sport, it is soccer- hands down. Virtually every country participates. News coverage, whether TV, print or online is 24/7. No other sport receives this kind of attention at playoff time. Soccer and the World Cup are the ruler in world sports.

  • More people involved.

    Yes, soccer is better than tennis, for the reason that soccer is a team sport while tennis is an individual sport. Soccer requires an entire team to work together, rather than just one person to overpower another. Soccer requires strategy, rather than just the raw strength required to hit a tennis ball.

  • Soccer is way better!

    I think the World Cup is definitely better than Wimbledon. I think soccer is a great sport to watch has tons of excitement. Tennis to me is something I could never watch its too boring and not enough going on in it.. I think the atmosphere alone in World Cup is fun to watch with all the fans where as tennis come soff as uptight ot me.

  • Soccer grips the nation more than tennis

    I believe that soccer, being a group sport with far more movement, is more exciting to watch. There is an element of variety to the game and a range of players with different skillsets to watch and cheer on. For me a one on one match between two sports people just lacks the excitement of any group event.

  • Tennis improves your mental skills, and much, much, more

    First of all, Tennis is superior to soccer because not only does it increase your physical abilities, your mental abilities are also increased as well. Think of tennis as a giant chess board- A LOT of strategy is involved! I agree, as soccer is a team sport, you do gain social skills, HOWEVER, playing tennis can give you more one-on-one interaction, which gets you to know people better, which, in turn, you can learn body language skills from. Also, tennis is WAY better than soccer because of the fact that it doesn't cause as many injuries as soccer does. Think of all of the gear that you need to wear in soccer, and then look at tennis- no gear (except for a groin cup, which isn't always necessary). Soccer sends WAY more kids (and adults) to the ER than tennis does. Look at Roger Federer, the greatest tennis player in history! I bet he could beat ANYBODY at ANY kind of sport just because of the physical and mental training (and the talent) that let him win 19 Grand Slam titles, more than any tennis player in history. Tennis is SUPERIOR AND FAR BETTER than soccer. This is clearly obvious.

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  • Tennis is the best

    You don't have to pass the ball and if someone else makes a mistake it's theirs fault in tennis it's all up to you and you can blame anyone for mistakes because it's just you none else that's why tennis is better than soccer and will always be better .

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