Wind energy: Do wind turbines uphold worker safety?

  • Safer Than Mining

    Wind turbine construction and manufacturing is safer than mining. There are no health issues with black lung associated with wind turbines. There are no chemicals to apply as with solar panels or biofuels. Wind turbines are perhaps the safest form of energy in terms of worker safety. As long as construction is done safely with the right cranes and everyone is strapped into harnesses, wind turbine technology is virtually safe.

  • The risks of wind power are acceptable for workers.

    There are many dangerous jobs in society, among them firefighter and even a semi-trailer driver; these drivers die on the job at 4 times the rate of police officers. Also, it might be pointed out that working in nuclear plants (and likely in coal plants and the like) is also dangerous. What about the people who die or are injured every year in accidents on natural gas pipelines or oil rigs? If anything, wind power is safer than what we are currently using. Proper research and guidelines can make wind-power industry workers more safe than workers in many other industries which we tolerate every day.

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