Wind energy: Is wind energy's land-use manageable?

  • Yes, it's a big world.

    Yes, wind energy's land-use is manageable, because it takes up very little space, compared to how big the world is. The world can also take a lesson from Denmark, who puts their windmills in the ocean. As time progresses, windmills will become quieter, which will make people tolerate them more. They also lower costs, and can even be a tourist attraction.

  • Acres compared to yards

    When it comes to wind energy, you think of giant wind generators towering from the ground. You can see them all over Illinois from the air and the ground. Just one of these generators can produce enough energy to power a whole town with a population around 2000 residents and it only takes a small space of less than ten yards squared for the base. When you see other ways of energy production, you see hydroelectric plants that take up so much space for the production and delivery of the energy. Nuclear plants, though very dangerous, can take up tons of space, up to a square mile.

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