Wind energy: Will wind energy be a major component to fight global warming?

  • Wind Energy Will Be A Major Source of Power, After a Few Problems Are Solved

    Renewable wind energy can be extremely useful in fighting climate change,
    if it becomes more efficient. Right now, wind energy is harmful to some
    species of birds. It can be noisy, and its turbines require the use of certain
    rare and costly elements. These drawbacks have not stopped the use of
    wind energy, but they have slowed its acceptance. To increase the popularity
    of wind power, the world needs to improve its efficiency and lower its financial,
    social and environmental costs.

  • Wind energy will only be a minor component

    Despite exciting potentials that wind energy has on reducing our carbon footprint and obtaining more economical energy choices, the global warming issue is far greater reaching than one single source of help can provide. We need to do everything we can to mitigate any negative affect on the planet but it is folly to lean on one particular component enough to consider it a major one.

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