Windows 10: Are you excited about the return of the Start Menu to the newest Window's release?

  • Why bringing the Start Menu back is a good idea for Windows 10

    Personally, I think that the decision to bring the Start Menu back on Windows 10 was an excellent decision. The Start Menu is a simple, quick navigational feature of the computer system. With the click of a button, a series of applications and tools pop up for the user to equip themselves with. Without it, it makes it more complicated to locate features on the device.

  • Yes, the Start Menu is far more user friendly

    Yes, I am very excited about the return of the Start Menu to Windows 10. Honestly, the fact that it was missing is one of the biggest reasons I did not upgrade to Windows 9. Windows 9 was a mistake because it was almost solely designed for mobile users, ignoring traditional computer and laptop users. Windows 10, hopefully, will fix that issue.

  • Yes, I am excited about the return of the Start Menu in Windows 10

    Since its inception in Windows 95, the Start Menu has been the primary method most people have used to access nearly everything on their systems. Its removal for Windows 8 was a major mistake. In fact, the first thing I did when I purchased a Windows 8 machine was download and install a third-party Start menu app. Having it already available in Windows 10 will save me the time and trouble of doing so again when I upgrade my CPUs.

  • No, the return of the Start Menu to Windows 10 is not a cause for excitement

    In my opinion, Windows is just returning something that never should have been taken away by giving Windows 10 users back the familiar Start Menu. While it was mildly annoying that it disappeared, it was just another thing that was acceptable once we were used to it. Though it will be pleasant to have it back, I do not feel it is exciting.

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