Windows 8.1 update: Will you be updating to the newest version of Windows?

  • Yes, I have no choice.

    Yes, I will be downloading the Windows 8 update. I'm one of those people who went out and bought a new laptop when Windows 8 was fairly new on the market. That's been a while ago and I still haven't made peace with the Windows 8 desktop. I'm hoping this new update will make it a little less frustrating to deal with.

  • I will upgrade to Windows 8.1 on the promise that it fixes problems

    As soon as I am able to, I will be upgrading to Windows 8.1. The task bar is something that has been promised, and while I don't use the computer myself, my mother does, and it has been distressing for her trying to understand how to work the new windows, with little or no instruction. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction to make Windows a little more user friendly.

  • It is stupid

    I am not saying windows 8.1 is stupid, but I just can't understand the system. When you open your windows 8, it pops out a screen with what time it is, systems, it is annoying. One more thing is that windows eight changed the complete figure, I just hate that. I already get into the window 7.

  • No, I will not.

    I actually did an install of windows 7, because I cannot stand the new windows 8 platform. I cannot stand windows 8 period. It doesn't even seem like a microsoft product. Seems like a rip off of the google operating system, android. And microsofit is better than that, in my opinion.

  • No, not at this time.

    Personally, I won't be updating to the latest version of Windows anytime soon. Even though it's not a wise decision, I'm sticking with an older version of Windows. The time that I'll upgrade is when things are no longer compatible or when my computer breaks and I need to upgrade everything at the same time. I've always been someone who uses things until they break or absolutely need to be upgraded. It's a good way to save money!

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